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About Us

At Adorable Sphynx Cats (also known as) Bald Sphynx Cats we adore our Cats and Kittens, they are a part of the family.
All Our Queens and Studs come from a very Impressive and Diverse Breeding Family, that includes
Scottish, English, Russian
and Swedish Breeding Lineage. 
Using the skills we have honed from Our Extensive Experience and Knowledge Base,
we plan and take great care with our Breeding Program, in order to produce all our beautiful kittens –
many of whom
 have gone on to win awards at Prestigious Cat Shows and some have also found
Careers in Modelling…
We are not a Commercial Cattery we are an In-Home Cattery and the Health, Wellbeing and Happiness of our Cats is of the utmost importance to us.   
We therefore limit the number of litters we have per year.


Our Babies are all raised in a very loving home environment. They are all well socialised with family and friends.

Our kittens are with human companionship from birth. They are clean and also of course their evironment including their
litter boxes, play equipment, water and food dishes etc.

A healthy diet, happy play times and the cleanliness of all our Cats and Kittens is a priority for us.

All our kittens are kitty litter trained, well before they go to their new homes.

They are bathed, have their ears cleaned and nails clipped on a regular basis, from a very young age.

We do this so that they are accustomed to these practices when they go to their new homes.

They have also had their vaccinations (in line with their age requirements). They are Vet-Checked and we are happy to supply
Vet-Check Certificate. They have also been wormed (on a regular basis), are micro chipped and de-sexed prior to leaving us.

We have been breeding Sphynx Cats for over 6 years and also now have Elfs. 
Note:  Our Beautiful Bambinos’ we now have as Our Own Dearly Loved (de-sexed) Family Pets as Bambinos
are no longer allowed to be bred in the State of Victoria.

We have a Sound, Proven Reputation and Pride Ourselves on having beautiful, healthy, well adjusted
and friendly Sphynx and Elf Cats.



which shows when we have a New Litter of Sphynx, Bambino and Elf Kittens ready for Adoption.